Taxfyle- uber for accountants

Taxfyle is mobile application which will get you a tax professional in seconds. If uber is for hiring taxis then taxfyle is for professional accountants.The application requires basic information from the customer and photographs of tax documents after submitting them a user gets a certified CPA who does paper work and asks follow up questions. The photos can be take in 1099 or W2 format. The seven month old app was developed by Lavina who claims it as the “uber for accounts”. The app has been adjurned as the best new app in app store by Apple.There are 300 CPAs readily available on call 24/7 on the app. The CEO of the company says that Taxfyle has an army of CPAs and connects with customers at the cheapest rates.

The time requirement to process the request is also very fast. It takes one minute to submit tax data and 1.5 minute for a CPA to take up the request and the entire paperwork is completed within a day. Filing of tax costs $49 and adding itemized prize brings it to $100 and $3 for additional three years audit protection.The competition to taxfyle is tada by turbotax that works in similar style. Their costs start at $40 to file state and federal tax returns. But Lavina feels that tada is not eating into their territory of customers.Tada is planning to move beyond a CPA firm and provide bookeping, payroll and auditing services.

Awareness campaign on the importance of sleep

Uber is the online multinational car hailing company joins hands with Toyota to for a special cause and meets the college students regarding it.In a research, the university students spend sleepless nights to complete their studies, assignments and project works. And they end up feeling tired and sleepy while driving their cars, this may even lead to accidents. Therefore Huffington Post, Toyota and Uber joined together to promote the importance of sleep among the college students.Arrianna Huffington the co-founder of Huffington post is meeting the college students to promote her new book The Sleep Revolution and Uber along with Toyota offers fifteen percent discount on the rides from and to the campus where Huffington promotes, and the offer is valid from the date of the end of the book tour for five days.

The students will receive a notification or mail on their Uber app from Toyota.Recent study said that seventy percent of the students suffer from sleeplessness which can damage their body and brain. It said that nineteen hours of sleeplessness are equivalent to 0.1% of alcohol level in the blood. The number of accidents on the roads caused by the sleepy drivers is higher than drunk and drives case.Administrator of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Mark Rosekind said that sleepy drivers are a serious threat while driving on the road. And said that about eight thousand accidents recorded are not due to texting while driving or drunk and drive.

Uber reached Orlando

About twenty five percent of the people in Altamonte Spring, Orlando ride to and from the station every day. The government planned to build an on demand bus for the public, but the plan dropped.Uber is a leading online multinational transportation company that has spread its business worldwide. It introduces new schemes and innovative ideas to enlarge its business. Uber also targets the rural and suburban areas apart from major cities. As a result, Uber started its service in Altamonte Spring from March 21st, 2016 covering about twenty percent of the ride throughout the city.

In an interview with Scott Simon of the NPR, Frank Martz, City Manager spoke about the new service in Orlando. Simon asked the Manager about the work of the company in the new location. Frank replied that the car owner and the residents of Orlando are happy about the fact that the company handing over the transit possibility to them. He said that because of ride sharing option of Uber, Uber cars replace four individual cars. And he also said that the company is planning to reduce traffic issues.

When asked about funding, Frank said that they are using the funds allocated for transit and the local businesses in Altamonte Spring also contribute funds and hence it is private sector funds for them in 2016. When asked about surge pricing, he said that if there is an increase in the pricing, then the public will not use it and the market drops down. So Uber will provide good service at a good price. He also said that they will do a background verification of the drivers in Altamonte Spring.

Why Uber’s biggest rival is Lyft?

Uber, the biggest transportation network was found in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp and it is now operating in many countries across the globe. It poses a potential threat to many traditional yellow cabs and the taxi drivers are finding it difficult to make money off their professions.

The US based ride hailing company is also known for its long list of infamous controversies but it often does feel good campaigns to restore its lost fame, clever job Uber! It has offered many features like UberPool, UberX to grab attention from the media and the public. The company is also good with its marketing strategies and it has some catchy advertisements as well.

Uber’s net value worth was $51 billion in 2015, and the fact it was just launched in 2009 is just mind blowing! It is the most valuable company after Mark Zuckerberg‘s Facebook, poor guy, he must be whining about it now!  Lyft is also a ride hailing network that gives a tough competition to the US based company worth many billions.

Lyft has its own pool service and it is doing remarkably well among the public. According to sources, it is a lot safer than yellow cabs and even the mighty Uber. A research says several Uber users have shifted to Lyft because of Uber’s surge pricing and controversies.

Travis Kalanick is little intimidated by Lyft’s amazing growth in market revenue and is on plan to introduce more features to take down its rival!

The Five Step Playbook For Uber

 unnamedMost of the people are familiar with the on demand economy Uber due to its additional features.

UBEREATS is considered to be one of the best features in Uber which helps the customer to get the food within 10 minutes of ordering. The interesting fact is, the company has introduced Uber playbooks to design, identify and market them in the Uber world.

Here are some techniques Uber using to stand out in the market:

Step 1: New innovations

There will be enough demand if already existing market is implemented with new innovations and software’s.

Developing an outstanding market helps enrich a company’s growth, UberRides implemented this by their app which contains driver ratings and passengers can reach drivers with a single tap.

Step 2: Hold an existing network

For successful growth of Uber, it requires networks to connect with its passengers and drivers. Uber has kick started its growth with its infrastructure and new technology. They are empowered with many funding groups.

Step 3: Simple access

Uber is developed with an idea to help passengers get the car in emergency by a single click from their phone.

Taxi drivers to step up the game to manage Uber’s competition


Recently, Uber has been emerging with force and is evolving as a dangerous threat to its contenders. Local taxi drivers are already feeling the heat from the mighty Uber. The US-based company is also famously known for its controversies across the globe. The company has implemented many features over the years. It is safer and a lot cheaper than not-so-trustworthy taxi drivers. People now prefer services from Uber and Lyft to any other local taxis.

Despite being the startup company that was found in 2009, it has already received its fame and popularity at the maximum peak. It has produced record breaking result by raising $50 billion. The company is causing nightmares to its local rivals by intensifying the competition. The local taxi drivers should now step up the game in order to get back on the track. It’s high time that drivers should stop indulging in fraudulent acts to stay in touch with its traditional customers. There are many elder citizens and traditional people who still prefer local taxis to Billion Dollar Company.

Uber has even launched Uber pool to provide cheaper rides to its dedicated users and it has created a lot of tension among its contenders. However, Uber’s surge pricing has been a letdown for its users due to which they eventually moved to traditional cabs. Also, the company does feel-good campaigns to raise funds for many causes and builds partnerships with huge brands for marketing purposes. Heartfelt condolence to the poor taxi drivers, no sarcasms guys!

Uber Relaunches Its Uber Black Service In Korea

uber korea

Uber relaunch its Uber Black private car service again in Korea after some period of uncertainty.

As Uber violated the transportation rules, it is threatened to some fine amount and jail sentence. Feeling guilty for this act, Uber discontinued its Black car service.

Korean officials strengthened Uber to limit its service to elderly, disabled and foreigners. This new rule restricted normal customers to go for a ride if they need and it is also a cause for Uber to discontinue its service in Korea.

Korean authorities declared its service to be illegal before its launch in Korea. The government is offering some rewards to citizens who are ready to report that the uber drivers are operating without a proper license for the taxi service which seems to be a move against Uber.

This rule allows kakao Talk, the top chat app in Korea to offer its private car service for its people in the city. Kakao now acts as a ride sharing Service Company which uses registered taxis. Now kakao is in a position to serve in Seoul with 200 drivers.

The UberX service has been closed down in Korea after it has been closed by the government force.

Seoul government considers Uber as a benefit for the citizens, especially during its service to busy spots.

As part of its opening of black car service in Korea, Uber informed that it will be working along with authorities to provide more options regarding transportation especially Friday and Saturday.

You can start your own Uber like app with Cabily –

Uber is not so far war from the biggest fine


Uber is not so unfamiliar with the controversies. It has been fined so many times by many countries for violating the laws. One such is Pennsylvanian government has fined the company for operating within the city without acquiring the government’s permission. Pennsylvanian Public Utility Commission has decided to fine Uber with $50 million dollars. Similarly, California has also fined the company with $7 million dollars for not providing important information to the state’s bus and taxi regulator earlier this year. The Pennsylvanian government is also planning to charge the company with fine for ignoring requests from the State’s regulator. The Uber service was also charged fine for having uncertified drivers in the city. However, Uber has decided to fight back the charges imposed by the government. The fine recommended by the government is subject to PUC’s approval.

Uber’s rival Lyft faced a similar charge in the past, but the fine was much lesser than Uber’s. The Lyft service paid around $250,000 dollars as a charged fine. The severity of the Uber service’s fine is because of the company’s intentional defiance of the rules. And a serious penalty would put off future violations. Uber’s spokesperson said that the company is expecting the charge to get further down than the initial recommendation. Uber is very sure about not reducing its efforts to lower the charge. It is even putting up a great fight against the Pennsylvanian government. Let us hope the company comes up with a better petition to lift the charge!

Uber’s facing series of battles across the globe

Uber is known for controversies, it has been hit by a series of problems across the globe, from Rio to Paris. Though Uber is a billion dollar company that is known to people of all races all over the world, it has some serious problems as well!


Uber has been banned by Rio, the host city of Olympic Games. The company will soon be banned in another Brazilian city, Sao Paulo. And Uber has replied to the life time ban in a quite fancier way, “It’s indeed a sad day for Rio”.


Authorities raided few offices in Paris and 2 executive officers have been arrested on a legal arrest warrant. Both face a huge amount of money as fines and 5 years of imprisonment. The pair was accused of illegal taxi service allegations with fake database of taxi driver’s personal information. Currently, many protests are ongoing in Paris regarding this issue.

The Netherlands

The cops recently raided the offices in Holland and found out that it is operating against the country’s tax law with untrained and not so qualified drivers to offer a cheaper service.


Uber tried to break into the Vancouver taxi market but the firm met with resistance from cab drivers who did campaign against the firm in 2014. David Plouffe, Uber’s advisor recently told it was a shame Uber had not been welcomed. Toronto’s mayor John Tory said he’s slowly losing his interest on Uber.


Delhi banned Uber after a woman was sexually harassed by the taxi driver. The news got viral and many people turned against Uber, wanting it to get banned from the rest of the cities as well. Uber is still operating in Delhi despite the ban!

Uber Let Their Drivers Turn Their Personal Trip to Cash


Uber’s latest feature enables drivers to make money while driving to their own destination. The drivers are allowed to request for a drive from passengers nearby who are heading to the same direction. Destinations can be in San Francisco or nearby cities like Marin, San Jose and also apply to company’s UberBlack, UberX, UberPool and Uber Select services.

Drivers can able to use this option only twice per day but it is also very beneficial if they use it for their commute, to and from work. The ride sharing company is not the first to come up with this idea but also similar companies like Sidecar, which shifted its business to provide delivery service for other companies introduced this scheme in 2013.

Driver destination:

In 2014 November, Lyft introduced a scheme called ‘Driver destination’ where it created thousands of new connections through passengers heading the same direction for their ride. Lyfts new driver destination gives an opportunity for drivers to give a ride during their driving trips like commuting everyday to work, so that these drivers can change their solo drive to shared drives. Connecting these kinds of rides will also help reduce traffic. Driver destination makes it possible for more people to become  drivers.

Though this feature is made for the purpose of Uber’s part time drivers to make some bucks, it could also help some of those who work full time. The new feature follows Uber’s efforts around carpooling to make car trips as efficient as possible.